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One Source offers parents, students school study tips

By Cpl. Alisha R. Fitzgerald | | August 29, 2003

MCRD/ERR PARRIS ISLAND, S.C. -- As summer approaches its final days, many Tri-Command adults and children are beginning a new school year.

During the month of September, Marine Corps Community Services One Source is highlighting back-to-school by promoting its educational resources.

Since Dec. 1, 2002, One Source has been available to the Tri-Command as a referral and information hotline and Web site through the Ceridian Corporation's LifeWorks Services. The service is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Beginning Monday, One Source will be offering a new recording entitled "How to Help Your Child Succeed in School," featuring education expert Barney Brawer, a former teacher and school principal. In the recording, Brawer discusses ways parents can assist their children in achieving individual educational goals. Topics include homework and study tips, motivating your child, communicating with teachers and more. The recording is also available in booklet form and each is offered at no charge.

"How to Help Your Child Succeed in School" helps provide a safety net for parents when they feel they are all out of options, but want to provide their children with the adequate assistance they require. The recording can point parents and children in the right direction toward getting over particular speed bumps that may occur on the road to receiving an education.

"Each child is different," said Mary Craig, an information and referral specialist for Marine Corps Family Team Building at Headquarters Marine Corps. "Sometimes, parents may not know exactly how to provide their son or daughter with the specific help they need. It can be frustrating when you've identified the problem area, but don't know which step to take first to remedy it."

Booklets and recordings are only one feature of the educational resources that One Source provides.

On the Web site, parents can find information on other ways to best help their children succeed in school, with topics such as helping with homework, finding tutors, transitioning from elementary school to middle school and onto high school, school selection and applying for college.

Schoolwork isn't always limited to children. Many Tri-Command adults also seek to further their education. For them, One Source helps map out ways to make their own individual educational goals more attainable, by providing assistance in like balancing a career and school, alternatives to college, distance learning programs, financial aid and more.

"When you're involved in the military, whether active duty or a family member, sometimes it's difficult for adults to obtain a traditional higher education with the frequent moves and demanding schedule," said Craig. "We understand that Marines and their family members have special needs and One Source is geared to accommodate those needs. This helps us achieve our essential mission of improving quality of life."

There are many other ways that One Source strives to improve quality of life. It acts as an information superhighway for several issues that concern Marines and their family members. Some of the topics on the Web site include, childcare, military life, disability, health, international, retirement and more.

To access One Source via the Internet, log on to To order the September promotional recording or booklet, go to the site after Monday and click on "This Month's Feature." To access the One Source hotline, call 1-800-433-6868.

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