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Field Medical Training Battalion - East

Marine Corps Training and Education Command

Camp Lejeune, NC
Command History

Field Medical Training Battalion-East, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina was initially activated on 8 April 1943 as Medical Field Service School, School Battalion, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and was located on New River. Its initial goal was to meet the growing requirement in WWII for combat medically trained officers and enlisted personnel of the Navy Medical Department. In April 1944, FMTB-E was reassigned to 2d Medical Battalion, Camp Lejeune, NC. The school was officially deactivated on 31 August 1945 due to the end of World War II.

When North Korean troops crossed the 38th Parallel in June 1950, the school was reactivated on 1 October 1950 as Field Medical Service School, Marine Barracks, Camp Lejeune, NC and was relocated to the Montford Point Camp, now known as Camp Johnson.

In 1997, the Chaplain and Religious Program Specialist Expeditionary Skills Training (CREST) was added to the training curriculum. The training includes training Religious Program Specialist (RP) and Chaplains in the skills necessary to function with the operating forces of the Marine Corps.

In July 2000, Field Medical Service School was reassigned to Training Command, Quantico, VA. In October 2000, the school celebrated more than fifty years of continuous training and support of Marine forces at our present location.

In October 2005, Field Medical Service School, Camp Lejeune was designated as the Marine Corps’ Health Services Training and Education Center of Excellence. On 14 June 2007 FMTB-E was renamed Field Medical Training Battalion-East to more accurately define the command mission of “training” and align the activity name with established Marine Corps formal schools.

Current Active Duty and Reserve officer and enlisted formal training programs conducted by the staff of Field Medical Training Battalion-East are: Field Medical Service Technician (FMST) Course, Field Medical Service Officer (FMSO) Course, Chaplains and Religious Program Specialists Expeditionary Skills Training (CREST) course for RPs, and the CREST-Chaplain Course. FMTB-E also trains and certifies HM-8404 Corpsman as Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Trainers and Combat Life Saver (CLS) Trainers.