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Field Medical Training Battalion - East

Marine Corps Training and Education Command

Camp Lejeune, NC
CREST Student Manual
ANNEX A -  USMC Orientation 
RP0101 Rank Structure of Armed Forces Personnel
RP0102  USMC Organizational Structure/Chain of Command
RP0103 Traits and Principles of Marine Corps Leadership
RP0104 USMC Utility Uniform and Individual Combat Equipment
RP0105 USMC History and Traditions
RP0106 Support Ministry in Crisis Response and Limited Contingency Operations
ANNEX B - Marine Corps Martial Arts Program
ANNEX C - Ministry in Combat Skills
RP0301 Implement a Command Religious Program For A Combat Environment
RP0302 Logistical Support for the Religious Ministry Team
RP0303 Develop A Command Religious Program Budget
RP0304 Facilitate Ministry in Combat
RP0306 Support Memorial Ceremonies
RP0307 Pastoral Care in a Mass Casualty Situation
ANNEX D - Field Survival
RP0401 Field Survival
RP0402 M-40 Field Protective Mask
RP0404 MOPP Gear and Decontamination
RP0405 Treat Chemical Agent Casualties
RP0406 Field Hygiene
ANNEX E - USMC Common Combat Skills
RP0501 Patrolling
RP0502 Construct Fighting Positions
RP0503 Squad Size Attacks
RP0504 Defensive Operations
RP0505 Land Navigation
RP0506 Field Communication
RP0507 Five Paragraph Order
RP0508 Anti Personnel Devices
RP0510 M16/ M4 Service Rifle Familiarization
RP0511 Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain
ANNEX G - Combat Life Saver Skills
RP0803 Maintain Casualty Airway
RP0805 Manage Burn Casualties
RP0804 Manage Penetrating Chest Injuries
RP0801 Control Hemorrhage
RP0808 Evacuate Casualties
RP0806 Manage Heat Injuries
RP0802 Shock Casualties
RP0807 Perform Splinting Techniques
ANNEX H - High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV)
RP0902 Introduction To Operation Procedures of M1123
RP0903 Operate Vehicle on Road
RP0904 Operate Vehicle in Administrative Movement
RP0905 Operate Vehicle in Limited Vision Conditions
RP0906 Operate Vehicle With Towed Load
RP0907 Conduct Self Recovery With Vehicle
RP0908 Flat Tow a Vehicle
RP0909 Perform Emergency Repairs
RP0910 Perform PMCS on M Series Vehicle
RP0911 Perform PMCS on M Series Trailers
RP0912 Operate Vehicle With Night Vision Goggles
RP0913 Prepare Motor Transport Forms and Records (accident report forms)
RP0914 Prepare Motor Transport Forms and Records(vehicle and equipment operational record)
RP0915 Rollover Prevention and Reaction Procedures