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Field Medical Training Battalion - East

Marine Corps Training and Education Command

Camp Lejeune, NC
FMSO Student Manual

BLOCK 1 Table of Contents
FMSO 1101 Rank Structure of Armed Forces Personnel
FMSO 1102 USMC Organizational Structure
FMSO 1104 Traits and Principles of Marine Corps Leadership
FMSO 1105, 1106, & 1203 USMC Utility Uniform
FMSO 1302 HSS Within the MC Operating Forces
FMSO 1303 Health Service Support for Marine Corps Mission
FMSO 1406 Individual First Aid Kit
FMSO 1407 Conduct Casualty Triage
FMSO 1411 Coordinate Casualty Evacuation
FMSO 1501 Direct Aid Station Procedures
FMSO 1604 Care of the Feet
BLOCK 2 Table of Contents
FMSO 1603 Perform Water Purification for Individual Use
FMSO 1605 Manage Preventive Medicine and Occupational Health Programs
FMSO 1205 M-40 Field Protective Mask
FMSO 1207 Don Mission-Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) Gear
FMSO 1402 Manage Biological Agent Casualties
FMSO 1403 Manage Radiological Warfare Casualties
FMSO 1401 Manage Chemical Agent Casualties
FMSO 1405 Recognize Combat Stress Disorders
FMSO 1601 Diseases of Operational Importance
FMSO 1701 Medical Administrative Support
FMSO 1204 M9 Service Pistol Familiarization
FMSO 1201 & 1202 Land Navigation
FMSO 0202 Phase 1 Care under Fire
FMSO 0203 Phase 2 Tactical Field Care
FMSO 0204 Phase 3 Casualty Evacuation
FMSO 1301 Provide Support for Marine Corps Operational Planning