Field Medical Training Battalion - East


Field Medical Training Battalion - East

Marine Corps Training and Education Command

Camp Lejeune, NC
Welcome to Field Medical Training Battalion! For generations the Navy Medical Department has taken pride in its role of providing medical support for the United States Marine Corps. Navy personnel who have served with the Fleet Marine Force (FMF) have found this duty to be immensely rewarding as evidenced by the respect and admiration between Marine and Navy personnel who have served together. This 10 day course is designed for General Medical Officers (GMO’s) but also includes Dental, Nurse, and Medical Service Corps Officers.
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This course will be primarily classroom/didactic training. While the opportunity may present itself to do some activities in the field; the primary focus of this course is to provide you with an orientation to the FMF. This course is not intended to function as a postgraduate symposium on medicine or dentistry. However, current medical problems and trends specific to serving with the Marine Corps will be presented. The central purpose of this program is to orient and train Medical Department officers to successfully function with medical units within the FMF or with Mobile Construction Battalions. 
To attend the FMSO course using ADT funds, send an email request to the Operational Support Officer (OSO) at Navy Medicine Manpower, Personnel, Training & Education (NMPT&E) Command or via phone at (301) 319-4740 to get a Billet Control Number (BCN). All other request for funding to attend the course must be submitted through your local Navy Operational Support Centers (NOSC) .

Commanding Officer
Field Medical Training Battalion
PSC Box 20042
Camp Lejeune NC 28542-0042

(910) 450-0767 (during working hrs)
(910) 450-0712/0750 (after working hrs)
FAX: (910) 450-0927

FMTB is located onboard Camp Johnson, in Jacksonville, NC. Camp Johnson is part of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. Camp Lejeune is a very large base that covers a wide area and is located approximately 4 miles from Camp Johnson.

When leaving the Albert J. Ellis airport, follow the signs toward Jacksonville. At the intersection of Catherine Lake Road and Route 258/Highway 24, turn right. Continue on Route 258/24 until you come to a four way intersection. Go straight thru the intersection and follow the signs towards Camp Lejeune. Take the Montford Point exit and take a right off the exit and enter Camp Johnson. Once on board Camp Johnson, continue straight on Montford Landing Road and take a left onto Harley Drive. There will be signs directing you to FMTB.

Personnel arriving by plane in Jacksonville are dependent upon taxi or limousine service from the airport to Camp Johnson (approximately $25.00 from the Jacksonville airport to FMTB). Taxi service from New Bern, Kinston, or Wilmington, NC is more expensive ranging from $80.00 from New Bern/Kinston to over $300.00 for a taxi from Wilmington, NC (This expense is reimbursable upon liquidation of your orders so keep your receipt). On-base transportation is limited to local taxi service, with a military bus service for traveling between bases.

Students are to report in the Navy Service Uniform, or the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform (MCCUU).  The uniform for the first day of class will be the desert MCCUU with physical training gear underneath.  If you will be checking in during normal working hours, (0730-1630), report directly to the school headquarters, Building M-508, S-1, RM 111.  If you will be checking in after normal working hours, report to the FMTB-E Quarterdeck, Building M-321, 321 Rochester Lane, Jacksonville, NC 28543.  The duty phone is 910-450-0712 and is manned 24/7.  The parking area for FMSO students is located at the gravel parking lot, left of BLDG M508.

All personnel attending FMSO shall bring the following items with them:

·         Good pair of running shoes with white socks (not basketball shoes)

·         Pen and highlighter

·         4 sets of boot bands

·         1 set of dog tags (red tags for allergies)

·         Sufficient amount of toiletry items to provide for your personal comfort during the training period

·         Medications (EPI pen, inhalers, etc.,)

·         Sunscreen

·         Insect repellant

Officers are required to bring or purchase their own uniforms. No uniforms will be issued by FMTB. If you will be going to a Marine Corps command after you graduate from FMTB, you should bring:

·         2 complete sets of each MCCUU (Digital pattern desert and woodland) uniforms

·         2 Camouflage Navy covers (without USMC Emblem) with subdued (blackened) officer cover device

·         2 Khaki belts with open gold buckle

·         4 pairs of brown, black, or green boot socks

·         2 sets of shiny collar devices (rank on right, corps device on left)

·         2 pairs of brown USMC combat boots

·         4 green t-shirts

·         2 pairs of dark blue Navy PT shorts


The uniform of the day for the Marine Corps has been synchronized with daylight savings time (DST). During summer months, the Desert MCCUU will be worn with sleeves up. During winter months, the uniform of the day is Woodland MCCUU with sleeves down. Bring both no matter what season!  Service uniform will be worn on Friday.  For those who will be going to a USMC command and are not able to purchase the USMC MCCUU at your local Exchange, you can order your uniforms online at:

At the conclusion of the training day, usually 1630 – 1700, liberty will be granted. Appropriate civilian attire should be brought with you for this purpose.

Knives over 3 inches in length
Personal Weapons (Guns)
NOTE: Cameras are allowed but may become damaged. A disposable type is recommended.

If Camp Lejeune is your ultimate duty station, it is recommended that you contact the Family Housing Office at (910) 450-1628. Officers who are accompanied by family members will be responsible for procuring lodging for themselves and their dependent family members. For all other officers, single or unaccompanied, berthing options include:
Military Accommodations:

All Points Inn (BOQ) Camp Johnson BOQ Lejeune Inn
910-451-2146 910-456-7073 910-451-3041
Approx. $36 per room $41 per room $72 per room
$41 per suite (kitchenette) Shared bathroom facilities With kitchenette
$5 per extra person No dependents

Due to the proximity of available BOQ berthing or commuting from town, POVs or rental cars are recommended for officers reporting for FMSO training. Taxis are available throughout the base, but are very expensive. Rental cars must be authorized on your orders if you desire reimbursement, otherwise POV is your only option.

As with any Marine Corps command, physical training (PT) is a large and very important part of over all FMF training and education. The course is physically demanding and preparation prior to reporting is extremely essential. Students are expected to maintain Navy body fat composition and grooming standards. All Students will be measured (height, weight, and body fat) on the first day of class. ARRIVE IN STANDARDS AND IN SHAPE! You will not be able to participate in training if you are out of standards, you will be sent to your previous/next command.. On Training Day Two, an inventory Navy Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) consisting of: sit and reach, sit-ups, push-ups, and a 1.5 mile timed run will be conducted (swimming is NOT an option). Other physical training conducted during the course includes:  

  • 3-4 PT evolutions
  • A 2 and 4 mile hike with gear (gear will be issued, then returned)
  • Gas chamber
  • 9mm Pistol Range (Familiarization Fire)
  • Marine Corps Obstacle Course
  • Litter Obstacle Course

In order to arrive at the school fully prepared and to prevent undue hardships on you and your dependents, the following procedures should be addressed prior to arriving at this command:

  • Ensure that dependents are adequately provided for
  • Obtain a Will and a Power of Attorney (if desired)
  • Update immunizations as required
  • Bring current Military Identification Card (check expiration)
If you do not already have a base sticker for your vehicle, you will be required to comply with Base regulations and obtain permission to bring a vehicle on base. Base stickers can be obtained from Camp Lejeune to the right of the main gate.  The following are required to be presented prior to issuance of a vehicle pass:
  • POV:
    • Current state inspection (any state inspection)
    • Current registration
    • Military ID Card
    • Current drivers’ license
    • Copy of Insurance Declaration Page to show adequate liability insurance of not less than $30,000/$60,000/$25,000 coverage
    • Driver’s Improvement Course Card (all military under 26 years old)
  • Rental Car:
    • Rental agreement
    • Current drivers’ license
    • Military Identification


** CELL PHONES: Use only hands-free cell phone devices while driving. **


Traffic and driving regulations (SPEEDING, PARKING, SEAT BELTS, CELL PHONES, etc.) are strictly enforced by the Military Police.

Students should check in with a minimum of $100.00 cash for meals and incidentals. Meals hours and rates for the dining facility are as follows:

Breakfast Mon-Fri 0530 0800 $2.45
Lunch Mon-Fri 1100 1245 $4.55
Dinner Mon-Fri 1700 1830 $4.55
For planning purposes, graduation will be held on the last day of class. Seasonal MCCUU will be worn for the graduation. Due to the distance of the local airport, flights should NOT be scheduled to depart the area prior to 1200 on the day of graduation. Students will not leave prior to completion of end of course critiques and graduation.
For additional information on job opportunities, real estate, local schools etc., please visit the Camp Lejeune web site by clicking here "Welcome Aboard."