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Field Medical Training Battalion - West

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Family Readiness Officer (FRO)


Phone:  (760) 763-0175

Here at FMTB-W, the FRO is the face of the Commander's vision, the hub of communication and the Commander's main point of contact in coordination of the Unit, personal and Family Readiness Program.  As such, this more in-depth training and review is a requirement by the FRO.

The Family Readiness Officer:

Assures the unit conforms to the applicable guidance and regulations in executing the Unit, Personal and Family Readiness program.

Meets with the local or supporting MCFTB Director and MCCS Coordinator to initiate a working relationship, and request a copy of the annual MCCS/MCFTB training calendar of events.  The FRO is encouraged to meet with other local MCCS program managers to establish positive, open relationships.  Partnerships are crucial for the success of the program.

Conducts proactive outreach, rapport development, and multifaceted communication efforts to facilitate meaningful, two-way communication between the command and it's Marines and families.  This requires the FRO to know the population of the unit.

Provides official communication with the spouse and up to four designated family member(s) of unit Marines through the Mass Communication System (MOL).

Provides authorized communication via the organizational communication tool (unit Web site), e-mail, newsletter, official mail, and toll-free numbers to support UPFRP in Readiness and Deployment Support and Information and Referral services.

Receives, budgets, and executes all UPFRP funds allocated to the unit in accordance with the Commander's intent, unless the FRO is not assigned as the Readiness Officer (RO) or assistant RO.

When the FRO is assigned as the RO or assistant RO, it is their responsibility to keep accurate and timely records of budget items pertaining to the UPFRP, including volunteer reimbursements, contact information of the Marines and families, and additional members within the unit, and the training required of all the members of the Family Readiness Command Team.

Administrative duties also include coordination with the other entities on the installation that will provide support for the Unit, Personal and Family Readiness Program.  The Commander will determine the calendar of events and the budget needs of the event calendar.  The FRO will carry out the logistics of the event with support from the unit.

Maintains the management of the Family Readiness Assistant, including administration and guidance.

Administratively and logistically supports the Commander in the mission and is most directly responsible for the use of volunteers in the UPFRP.

Encourages volunteers to establish an account in the Volunteer Tracking Tool.

To download the FMTB-W Policy Statement of Personal and Family Readiness, please click here.

Develop, coordinate, resource, execute and evaluate training and education concepts, policies, plans and programs to ensure the Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman is prepared for assignment with the operational forces.

To be the best training command within the United States Marine Corps; producing the best trained, best prepared, and battle ready Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman.  He will be prepared to meet the challenges of present and future operational environments.

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