Marine Corps Civil-Military Operations School


Marine Corps Civil-Military Operations School

Training Command

Civil Military Operations
The activities of a commander, performed by designated civil affairs or other military forces, that establish, maintain, influence, or exploit relationships between military forces and indigenous populations and institutions, by directly supporting the attainment of objectives relating to the reestablishment or maintenance of stability within a region or host nation.

MCCMOS serves as the focal agency for CMO education and training issues in order to meet the Marine Corps' CMO education and training requirements.  The objectives of MCCMOS include:

  • Integrate CMO in the Marine Corps training and education continuum
  • Provide CMO training and education resources for Operating Forces
  • Execute all Civil Affairs MOS-related training
  • Coordinate CMO training and education with other DoD and interagency organizations
  • Provide outreach to Intergovernmental and Non-governmental Organizations (IGO/NGO) for the purpose of CMO training/education
  • Facilitate CMO doctrine development MCWP 2-22.1 MAGTF-CMO
  • Conduct the Civil Affairs MOS Courses
  • Conduct the CMO Planners Courses

MCCMOS is located aboard MCB Quantico, VA.

CMO Planners Course
The CMO Planners Course is a 2 week long course open to Senior Enlisted and Officers from all services who will conduct CMO planning and integration of CMO into MAGTF operations throughout the range of military operations and across all phases of a campaign. This course provides the practical and technical skills required for Marine Corps officers and senior enlisted to succeed as CMO Planners in support of MAGTF operations. This training is mission oriented, with a maximum use of hands-on CMO doctrinal procedures during practical exercises

CMO Planners Courses
1-12 Dec (FY15)
13-24 Apr (FY15)
13-24 July (FY15)

MCTIMS Course Identifier: M020AQD
Civil Affairs MOS Course
The Civil Affairs MOS Course is a 4 week course. This course is open to any MOS. Upon successful completion Officers and Enlisted Marines receive the Civil Affairs MOS (0530 &0531 respectively). The Marine Corps Civil Affairs 0530 and 0531 Course is designed as the MOS qualifying course for active duty and reserve Marine Corps Civil Affairs (CA)  personnel who will be assigned duties as Civil Affairs specialists and CMO planners/Staff NCOs who will conduct CMO planning and integration of CMO into MAGTF operations and perform a variety of tactical CMO-related tasks, such as area assessments, property control, and project management.

CA MOS courses for FY15
Course 1-15: 14 Oct - 7 Nov
Course 2-15: 2-27 Mar
Course 3-15: 1-26 Jun
Course 4-15: 3-28 Aug

MCTIMS Course Identifier:     M02AAPD    Enlisted
                                                    M020A3D    Officer
COIN Leaders Course
The Marine Corps Civil-Military Operations School serves as the lead agency organizing and providing the USFOR-A mandated Counter Insurgency Leaders Course.  These courses last 5 days and are conducted by request. Contact the operations officer for further information.
Civil Affairs MOS Course 3-13
Start Date/Time: Sunday, June 02, 2013
End Date/Time: Friday, June 28, 2013
Recurring Event: One time event
Importance: Normal Priority
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Contact Information
Director (703) 784-1356
Deputy Director (703) 784-2585
Operations Officer  (703) 784-1351 
Ops & Admin Chief  (703) 784-4759
3094T Upshur Ave.
Quantico, VA. 22134