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Advanced Infantry Training Battalion

Camp Geiger, NC
Advanced Infantryman Course
**ATTENTION** As per the new MCO P6110.3 all students will have to pass a initial PFT, Height / Weight and body fat standards upon arrival to the course. Student who are not compliant with these standards will be disenrolled from the course **ATTENTION**
The purpose of this program of instruction is to provide a Marine with the knowledge and skills required to serve as an infantry squad leader in an infantry rifle platoon.
Course Information
7 Weeks 
Target Population:
A Marine Squad leader with a MOS of Rifleman (0311) 
Trained Items:                       
  •  Control fires and direct the employment of an infantry squad.
  • War fighting and decision making
  • Train the trainer
  • Advanced land navigation
  • Combat orders 
  • Fire support planning, call for indirect fire and close air support 
  • Combat reports
  • Motorized Operations
  • Combat Hunter                                                                                 

*Knowledge and skills required to serve as an infantry squad leader in an infantry rifle platoon. 

Advanced Infantryman Course Gear list 


Course is constructed with 75% practical application and 25% classroom. It has a heavy technical focus with decision-making opportunities afforded during the practical application of collective skills. Additionally, approx 30% of the course is conducted at night and during periods of limited visibility. This course will also include motorized operations techniques and concepts with an emphasis on small unit leader decision-making.
Contact Information
Point Of Contact Course Chief 910-449-0081