Advanced Infantry Training Battalion


Advanced Infantry Training Battalion

Camp Geiger, NC
Advanced Mortarman Course
**ATTENTION** As per the new MCO P6110.3 all students will have to pass an initial PFT or CFT, Height / Weight and body fat standards upon arrival to the course. Student who are not compliant with these standards will be disenrolled from the course **ATTENTION**
The purpose of this course is to provide advanced mortar skills to 0341s serving as a mortar squad/section leader, forward observer, or a member of a Fire Direction Center (FDC). This course emphasizes technical and procedural ability. Additionally, the student will be able to make tactical recommendations about mortar employment in offensive and defensive operation.
Course Information

7 Weeks 
Target Population:

A Marine squad/section leader with the

MOS of a Mortanman (0341) 
Trained Item:

  • 60mm & 81mm mortar weapon systems core competencies and employment
  • FDC and advanced FDC procedures & mortar ballistic computer
  • War fighting and decision making
  • Train the trainer
  • Advanced land navigation
  • Combat orders
  • Fire support planning, call for indirect fire and close air support
  • Combat reports
  • Motorized operations
  • RSOP and advanced techniques for mortar lay

*Knowledge and skills required to serve as a squad or section leader for the 60 mm mortar section of an infantry weapons platoon or to serve as a squad, section leader, FDC chief, or Forward Observer (FO) for an 81 mm mortar platoon in an infantry weapons company.



Mortar PECLS.xls

Course is constructed with 75% practical application and 25% classroom. It has a heavy technical focus with decision-making opportunities afforded during the practical application of collective skills. Additionally, approx 30% of the course is conducted at night and during periods of limited visibility. This course will also include motorized operations techniques and concepts with an emphasis on small unit leader decision-making.
Contact Information
Point Of Contact Course Chief 910-449-4246