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Advanced Infantry Training Battalion

Camp Geiger, NC
Combat Hunter

Officer In Charge


 Course Chief

General Combat Hunter Information

Combat Hunter is the creation of a mindset through integration of enhanced observation, combat profiling and combat tracking skills in order to produce a more ethically minded, tactically cunning and lethal Marine better prepared to succeed across the Range of Military Operations.  Marines who receive Combat Hunter training proactively assess the environment in order to gain a tactical advantage over the enemy.  As persistent collectors, they systematically observe and profile the environment, collecting more relevant information from the human, social, and physical terrains and report information of greater relevance and potential intelligence value. Combat hunter trained Marine enables more efficient analysis and prioritization of collected information, thus increasing tactical tempo and operational momentum.



*Trifold Overview Pamphlet

*Reviews from the Operating Forces

*Combat Hunter Gear List

Combat Hunter Trainer Course (CHTC): 15 Day Course 

            •Designed for Corporal – Lieutenant

•Unit Assigned
•Designed to foster and develop a hunter mindset, not OEF-centric mindset.
•Integration of observation, combat profiling, combat tracking, and combat policing
•Training focus: employing thermal optics, observation theory, profiling an anomaly, combat tracking techniques, tactical questioning, policing theory and criminal networks
•Train the trainer; role players who attend receive an Intermediate Course. It is a 6TD POI (like old MCCS) and will incorporate components of both the old MMCS and GCE. This POI will be the training venue for the role players that support the CHTC and will be TEEP'd accordingly to ensure the complementary nature. Contracted role players are not needed with this construct. This venue also trains more Marines, the true intent of the program.