Advanced Infantry Training Battalion


Advanced Infantry Training Battalion

Camp Geiger, NC
Infantry Small Unit Leaders Course
**ATTENTION** As per the new MCO P6110.3 all students will have to pass a initial PFT, Height / Weight and body fat standards upon arrival to the course. Student who are not compliant with these standards will be disenrolled from the course **ATTENTION**
This course is intended to develop the leadership, decision-making capability, and proficiency of infantry Sergeants. The course exercises critical thinking, support cognitive development, and challenges the leaders ability to solve problems. The student population is restricted to Sergeants which provides a mature training audience composed of peers. Training is based on infantry collective and leader tasks, providing an environment to further develop the combined arms capability as well as technical and procedural proficiency of small unit leaders. Additionally infantry Sergeants will be trained as squad level trainers able to design, develop and implement training at the individual, fire team and squad level.
Course Information
            Trained Items:
  • Lead a squad

    6 Weeks 
    Target Population:        

    Infantry Sergeants serving as squad/section leaders 
  • Decision Making
  • Assessing the problem/ situation
  • Developing the problem/ situation
  • Formulate a decision
  • Communicating the decision
  • Adapting to change
  • Conduct post combat actions

*Develop the leadership, decision-making capability and proficiency of Infantry Sergeants 

Infantry Small Unit Leaders Course Gear List

Infantry Small Unit Leaders Course Command Screen Checklist

This is not a Gentlemans Course. It is designed to pressure the mental and physical capabilities of the Sergeants. Structure = 75% Prac App and 25% classroom. Practical application includes TDGs, STEX, Field Training Exercises and Live Fire Exercises. The Sergeants will experience diverse tactical scenarios under a variety of conditions. Sergeants will apply combined arms, develop core competencies, and exercise our war-fighting philosophy.
Contact Information
Point Of Contact Course Chief:

GySgt Ward, T. M