Advanced Infantry Training Battalion


Advanced Infantry Training Battalion

Camp Geiger, NC
Infantry Unit Leaders Course
**ATTENTION** As per the new MCO P6110.3 all students will have to pass a initial PFT, Height / Weight and body fat standards upon arrival to the course. Student who are not compliant with these standards will be disenrolled from the course **ATTENTION**
Students are introduced to advanced concepts, new technology, and tactics, techniques, and procedures through professional reading, classroom instruction, guided discussions, tactical decision games, sand table exercises and tactical exercises without troops, which are reinforced through field and field firing exercises. Students demonstrate mastery of the subject matter and develop critical thinking skills through performance-based exercises where they are assigned leadership positions ranging in topic and progressing in difficulty. Students will be drilled on the fundamentals of platoon level leadership in a progressive and evolutionary manner. Instruction is compartmentalized for ease of understanding and learning. Instructional packages and events have specific learning points that build upon each other throughout the POI. Students will begin the core training packages in a classroom type environment where decision-making and sand table exercise will be the primary training method. From there students will be presented with field scenarios ranging in duration and complexity where the expectation will be that they apply classroom lessons learned.
Course Information:

11 Weeks
Target Population:

Marine Staff Sergeant, 0369, completed the appropriate

03XX Leader's Course, and completed the SNCO

non-resident PME course
Trained Items:
  • War fighting and decision making
  • Offensive tactics and techniques
  • Urban Operations
  • Combat Orders and METT-T analysis
  • Design Training Plans and Training Events
  • 60mm & 81mm mortar weapon systems core competencies and employment
  • Medium and Heavy machinegun gunnery and employment
  • Assault and anti armor techniques and procedures
  • Patrolling Exercise practical application
  • Day/Night live fire attacks at Fort Pickett

*Develop the leadership, decision-making capability and proficiency of 0369s 



This is not a Gentlemans Course. It is designed to pressure the mental and physical capabilities of the students. Structure = 75% Prac App and 25% classroom. Practical application includes TDGs, STEX, Field Training Exercises and Live Fire Exercises. The studentswill experience diverse tactical scenarios under a variety of conditions. Staff Sergeants will apply combined arms, develop core competencies, and exercise our war-fighting philosophy.

SNCO's may be required to stay out in town if no lodging is available at the All Points Inn on Camp Geiger. 

It is highly recommended to call ahead to SNCO billeting and reserve a room prior to your course date.

Point of Contact for billeting is:  Ms. Terry (office 910-937-3019) (Cell 910-358-0928).

Contact Information:
Point Of Contact Chief Instructor 910-449-2194