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Advanced Infantry Training Battalion

Camp Geiger, NC
Scout Sniper Course
**ATTENTION** As per the new MCO P6110.3 all students will have to pass a initial PFT, Height / Weight and body fat standards upon arrival to the course. Student who are not compliant with these standards will be disenrolled from the course **ATTENTION**

(Course Chief)


Course Information
Scout Sniper Basic Course (SSBC): 79 Day Course
To provide Marines and other services with basic Scout Sniper training in preparation for duty as a Scout Sniper within a Scout Sniper platoon of an infantry battalion and within reconnaissance units at the division and force levels. 
For more information regarding the Scout Sniper Course, please visit our Sharepoint Website:

Scout Sniper Basic Course, Command Screening Checklist 

Scout Sniper Basic Course, Gear List

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