Infantry Training Battalion


Infantry Training Battalion

Camp Geiger, NC
Contacting Your Marine

You have the ability to address family emergencies such as death, severe illness, or the birth of a family member that require immediate action through the Red Cross. This will allow the Marines unit to act quickly to notify the Marine and, if the situation meets the requirements for emergency leave, place the Marine on leave. To find your local Red Cross chapter go to this web site:

When contacting the Red Cross with a notice for a Marine, have this information prepared in advance:
Service Member's Full Name
Branch of Service
Social Security Number
Military Address Where Deployed
Home Base Unit

Emergency Contact numbers:
School Officer of the Day - (910) 449-0179
ITB Officer of the Day - (910) 449-0385
ITB S-1 Administration - (910) 449-0212

Unit Address:
Rank and name
MCB SOI ITBN __ Company __ Plt.
PSC BOX 20161
Camp Lejeune, NC 28542