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Marine Combat Training Battalion

Camp Geiger, NC
Fox Company


Company Commander

Capt. Hindle


To the families and friends:

 I want to thank you for the continued support of your Marine.  All Marines rely heavily on the continuous and steady support from those at home to do all that our great nation asks of us.  Over the next 29 days, your Marine will be trained and educated on the common combat skills required for a Marine Rifleman to fight and win our nation's battles.  The training cycle will take us away from the comforts of garrison life and into the field where your Marines will have limited phone access.  When your Marine checks in you will receive a letter with information regarding graduation and other pertinent information.  I encourage you to rely on me and my staff just as your Marine relies on you and hope to see you at graduation. 


To the Marines:

 Welcome to Fox Company.  I want to congratulate you on earning the title United States Marine.  You have proven yourself worthy to join the ranks of the most elite fighting force in the world.  Be proud of that.  However, your journey has just begun.  At Marine Combat Training, we will train and educate you in the common combat skills required to fight and WIN our nation's battles as a Marine Rifleman.  The basic skills you will learn were forged over two centuries of battle and will be what counts in future conflicts.  


We will prepare you through a rigorous 29-day program of instruction taught by the most experienced, professional, and knowledgeable Staff Non-commissioned Officers and Non-commissioned Officers that the Marine Corps has to offer.  These SNCO's and NCO's were hand-picked out of hundreds of applicants to come to the School of Infantry to be Combat Instructors because of their proven track record of success.  When you arrive, I expect you to be morally, mentally, and physically prepared to execute.  During the training cycle, I expect you to commit yourself to your training and education by learning as much as you can from our Combat Instructors.  Finally, when you graduate, I expect you to retain what you learned and uphold the time honored traditions of our Marine Corps.


Semper Fidelis

 Captain R. L. Hindle Fox Company Commander

Company 1stSgt 1stSgt Johnson


Company Gunnery Sergeant  SSgt Kincaid


Company Chief Instructor  Sgt Pelsh