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Marine Combat Training Battalion

Camp Geiger, NC
India Company


Company Commander

Capt Kaster


Welcome to India Company’s Website


To Incoming Students:  I would like to begin by congratulating you on your recent graduation from MCRD Parris Island and earning the title Marine.   Despite the array of Military Occupational Specialties that each of you is assigned, Marine Combat Training Battalion is designed to teach you the basic combat skills that makes each Marine a rifleman first.

Over the twenty-nine day training cycle, you will be challenged mentally and physically and I expect you to come prepared.  You will be led and mentored by an elite group of Non-Commissioned Officers and Staff Non-Commissioned Officers whose combat experience and wealth of knowledge will be imparted upon you as you learn the basic combat skills that Marines have perfected over 235 years.  Upon graduation, I assure you will have the comprehension and confidence required to sustain the Marine Corps’ reputation as the world’s finest fighting force.


To Family and Friends:  Your Marine has accepted a challenge that very few are willing to take.  They have shown great courage in accepting this responsibility, especially in a time of war.  What will never be forgotten is the support you give as they continue in their Marine Corps career.  I hope that you will all will be able to join us for the graduation ceremony that celebrates your Marine completing a rigorous twenty-nine day training period to become a Marine rifleman, regardless of their military occupational specialty.   The ceremony takes place on Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. exactly four weeks after the training period begins.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the company at (910) 376-5717.


Semper Fidelis,

Captain J. M. Kaster

1stSgt Hannaway

Company 1stSgt

1stSgt Hannaway


Company GySgt

GySgt Evanich


Company Chief Instructor

SSgt McKinney