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Marine Combat Training Battalion

School of Infantry - West

Camp Pendleton, CA
MCT Hotel Company


Hotel Company




First off, I wish to congratulate you on your graduation from MCRD and your entrance into the Marine Corps. As you know, this is proud title that very few throughout our nation's illustrious history have been honored to hold. As you prepare for the next step in your Marine Corps experience, I would like to give you words of assurance in regards to your training. The Marine Combat Training Battalion (MCT) is designed to teach you the basics in combat skills. Every Marine is a rifleman, and MCT ensures that this principle holds true. While you are here, you will be tested both physically and mentally to ensure that you are well prepared to handle a combat environment. Over a 29 day cycle, you will practice firing the M16 rifle and machine guns, throw live hand grenades, train in martial arts, learn many essential skills that Marines have perfected over 235 years. This is not boot camp.  You will be expected to think on your feet and take ownership of your training, as the next time you utilize the skills that we will teach you may be in a combat environment.

I encourage you invite your parents to the graduation reception that will be held on the last day of the cycle at 1000. Following the reception, the graduation ceremony will take place at the SOI Parade Deck at 1100.

 I eagerly await the opportunity to train you to the best of my abilities and those of my Combat Instructors, and to serve with you in our proud Marine Corps.

Captain Alexander R. Brough
Commanding Officer
Hotel Company
Marine Combat Training Battalion
School of Infantry (West)







Marines, congratulations and welcome to the Marine Corps family. I am the senior enlisted Marine assigned to Hotel Company, and I take care of a variety of problems that may transpire with the students throughout the training cycle. I would like to assure the parents that your Marine is in good hands and to give my thanks for the opportunity to train your son.

 If you have any questions about the health, welfare, or training of your Marine, you can reach me at (760) 725-8402.

First Sergeant Marcus D Wilson
Company First Sergeant
Hotel Company
Marine Combat Training Battalion
School of Infantry
Camp Pendleton, Ca. 92055