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Marine Combat Training Battalion

School of Infantry - West

Camp Pendleton, CA
MCT India Company

India Company


First and foremost men, congratulations on your recent graduation from MCRD, you have earned the title Marine. Now that your first phase of entry-level training is complete, we must embrace our warrior ethos as Marines and learn the skills necessary to excel and perform successfully in today’s combat environment. Marine Combat Training Battalion (MCT) will be your second phase of entry-level training before you focus on your individual MOS school. Despite the array of jobs and skill-sets throughout our Corps, one thing remains the same; every Marine is a rifleman first.

Throughout your 29-day cycle, you will be led and mentored by an elite group of Combat Instructors who have already fought the initial phases of the war on terror. These Combat Instructors are NCOs and SNCOs. They will use the lessons learned from their own combat experiences to ensure that you enter your first operating unit with the knowledge and confidence needed to carry on the tradition and demeanor of being part of the world’s finest fighting force. My staff will expose you to the rigors of combat by instructing you through a multitude of live-fire ranges and combat related exercises. You will always wear the proper gear and learn to depend on your fellow Marine just as much you would depend on your rifle. Arrive in shape with a teamwork mentality and ready to learn.
To the family and friends of India Company; you too should be proud of your Marines' accomplishments. They have taken on a great responsibility and will always need your support. I invite you to attend a parent’s brief at 10:00 a.m., with the graduation ceremony following at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, four weeks after the cycle begins. Please feel to contact us with any concerns or questions.

Captain Matt Bride
Company Commander
India Company
Marine Combat Training Battalion


Warriors, congratulations and welcome to the Marine Corps family. I am the senior enlisted Marine assigned to India Company, and I take care of any problems that may transpire with the students throughout the training cycle. Each and every Marine joins the Corps for different reasons. The fact that you volunteered to join, during this crucial time in American history, speaks volumes about your character. Be proud of your service and the accomplishment of completing recruit training. I would like to assure the parents that your Marine is in good hands, and to give my thanks for the opportunity to train your son. If you have any questions about the health, welfare, or training of your Marine, you can reach me at (760) 725-7517.

Semper Fidelis,

First Sergeant Erik J. Starkey
Company First Sergeant
India Company
Marine Combat Training Battalion
School of Infantry
Camp Pendleton, Ca. 92055