Training and Education Command

Project Tripoli is the Marine Corps vehicle for delivering a fully-integrated, multi-domain capable, and networked live-virtual-constructive training environment (LVC-TE). Project Tripoli will yield a network infrastructure and end-user virtual training aids that enhance real-life training and create more meaningful training opportunities for both individual Marines and entire units. Once fully realized, this immersive experience will offer Marines nearly unlimited training opportunities on platforms that are historically time and resource-prohibitive to operate.

Project Trident is oriented on building and expanding Naval Integration in training and education. Standardization in how the Navy-Marine Corps team trains for maritime fires and effects will provide each service with a measurable training benchmark for how to fight alongside one another. Project Trident will also expand the number of training opportunities Marines and Sailors have together to offer each with increased understanding of service-integrated fighting concepts and how to employ them effectively.

Project Triumph is the overarching Marine Corps concept for student-centered learning, technical upgrades to classrooms, and asynchronous learning. Project Triumph represents an acknowledgment that every Marine learns differently and at different speeds compared to their peers. Under this initiative Marine students will be provided with an asynchronous learning training model that allows them to progress in their individual courses at their own pace and at the speed of retention. Underpinning this effort is a learning model that embraces learning through experience, discussion, and decisive decision-making instead of an industrial-age learning model reliant on memorization.

Marine Corps Training and Education Command