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TECOM Actions in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic: 10 April 2020

10 Apr 2020 | LtCol Roy M. Draa Marine Corps Training and Education Command

The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the United States continues to have significant impacts upon the Department of Defense (DoD).  In light of World Health Organization designation of the COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic, Center for Disease Control guidelines, DoD, and Marine Corps guidance, TECOM and its Major Subordinate Commands (MSC) are taking necessary actions to protect the force and ensure training readiness.

  • Education Command/Marine Corps University
    • Classes have transitioned to Distance Learning using various virtual collaborative platforms and in some cases may graduate early.
    • Cornerstone:  Currently postponed.
    • TECOM is currently working to determine courses of action for Academic Year 20-21 should current restrictions on movement (ROM) persist.
    • Many College of Enlisted Military Education (CEME) courses have been cancelled due to ROM and TAD restrictions.  Units should refer to MARADMIN 212/20 and the Marine Corps Training Information Management System (MCTIMS) for information on CEME cancellations.   MARADMIN 214/20 announced an accelerated online seminar Sgt School for Sergeant's who need to complete their PME promotion requirement prior to this summer's E-6 promotion selection board.
  • Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command (MAGTF-TC)
    • Service Level Training Exercise (SLTE) 3-20 (Integrated Training Exercise, Mountain Warfare Training Exercise, Adversary Force Exercise, and Weapons and Tactics Instruction) has been cancelled.
    • SLTE 4-20 (Marine Forces Reserve) has been cancelled.
    • TECOM is currently working with its MSCs and the Fleet Marine Force (FMF) to develop courses of action for SLTE 5-20.
    • Units should refer to MCTIMS for updates/cancellations/postponements of MAGTF-TC offered courses.  ROM considerations will apply to non-local course attendees.
  • Marine Air Ground Task Force Staff Training Program Division (MSTPD)
    • Various MSTPD supported events have been cancelled.  The service is working to reschedule these events and develop courses of action for future exercise lifecycles.TECOM will continue to work within service ROM and social distancing requirements to support FMF training events.
    • Command and Control Center of Excellence (C2TECOE):  Units should refer to MCTIMS for updates/cancellations/postponements of C2TECOE and Marine Air Ground Task Force Integrated Systems Training Centers (MISTC) offered courses.  ROM considerations will apply to non-local MISTC course attendees.
  • Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (MJROTC):  MJROTC operations are currently suspended in accordance with local boards of education school closing policies.  Parents should contact local boards of education for school closings and updates to Academic Year 20-21 openings.
  • The Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC), in accordance with Secretary of Defense Guidance, has delayed shipping of recruits to Parris Island.   Resumption of shipping is conditions based, and will resume no earlier than 20 April, 2020.
  • Recruits will ship to San Diego 13 April, 2020. 
  • TECOM anticipates that shipping will alternate between the depots on a weekly basis and at reduced rates in order to implement force health protection measures during Recruit Training.  CMC has also suspended the ten day leave period following graduation in order to minimize Marines’ exposure to COVID-19.  Marines will report directly to follow-on training during the pandemic.
  • The Recruit Depots have modified training and throughput to incorporate force health protection measures to the fullest extent possible throughout Recruit Training.
  • TECOM is coordinating external service support for development of an Expeditionary Staging Area aboard Parris Island where newly arrived recruits will be screened and quarantined (ROM) prior to commencement of training.  San Diego is finalizing their ROM plan as well.  Prospective recruits should maintain contact with their Recruiter for changes to shipping dates and additional instructions.
  • Formal Schools/Courses:  Units should refer to MCTIMS for updates on TRNGCMD sponsored courses.   Marine Corps Student Registrar Branch (TECOM Policy and Standards Division) and local Training Support Centers (TECOM Ranges and Training Programs Division) are actively communicating with FMF and Supporting Establishment Operations personnel to provide additional information.
  • Officer Candidate School (OCS):  There are no cancellations/postponements for OCS at this time.  In accordance with DoD/Service policy, candidates and support staff reporting to OCS will undergo a 14-day period of ROM onboard Marine Corps Base Quantico prior to training commencement.  Officer Candidates should maintain contact with their Officer Selection Officer for amplifying information.  TECOM is working to ensure that additional staff augmentation is on hand prior to training support the screening and 14-day ROM of Officer Candidates.
  • Annual Training:  TECOM is currently assessing the need to draft amplifying guidance for commanders regarding completion/waiver of annual training requirements in light of social distancing guidelines and ROM.  At this time, there are no changes to training requirements nor pertinent commanders’ authorities.  Guidance will be disseminated via MARADMIN should current DoD and Service social distancing guidelines and ROM remain active beyond 11 May, 2020.

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