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Training & Education Command (TECOM)

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Marines clash at battalion field meet;;

By Cpl. Brian Kester | | January 13, 2006

The screams could be heard Friday the 13th.

Cries of encouragement echoed throughout the 2nd Recruit Training Battalion Physical Training Field as the two companies of Headquarters and Service Battalion faced off in a mock physical fitness test followed by a tug of war.

The meet started at the H&SBn. PT Field Jan. 13, when each company ran a separate 1.9-mile route, which ended at 2nd Bn. PT Field, where 90 percent of each company had to cross the finish line before one could be declared the victor.

Each company took a different approach to the first phase of the competition. While Headquarters Co. runners sprinted toward the finish individually, Service Co. runners turned around with a short distance to pick up their stragglers. They finished with 100 percent of their runners before crossing the line after Headquarters, who claimed the win.

Next, the companies faced off in a pull-up and flexed arm hang competition followed by a competition of crunches. Headquarters Co. had an individual with a high of 34 pull-ups, while Service Co. had the battalion high of 39.

However, all of the preceding activities did not matter in the end, as the tug-of-war turned out to be th deciding event of the day. The first bout was held between the officers, followed by the staff non-commissioned officers and then between the first sergeants and commanding officers of each company.

After all of this competition, it came down to one long pull in the tug of war between the lance corporals and below from each battalion.

After the dust settled, Headquarters Co. was victorious and the two companies enjoyed the long holiday weekend.