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Training & Education Command (TECOM)

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Chosin Range renovation begins

By Cpl. Amanda Harris | | January 24, 2003

New berms, a new sound shed and sound system, and new firing points are just some of the projects in the works for WFTBn.'s Chosin Range.

"They're tearing up everything to make the range better. Contractors are putting in new heads, adding grass on the firing lines, repaving all of the roads -basically when they're finished it will be an entirely new range," said Maj. Ryan L. Coughlin, WFTBn. executive officer. "Just like with any building, every 10 or 15 years the ranges have to be re-visited and re-vamped."

When the range renovations are complete, Chosin range will mirror the recently renovated Starlight range.

Chosin staff said the renovations are welcome and couldn't come at a better time.

"We needed the changes to bring us up to speed with all of the other ranges. Before we couldn't have night fire because we didn't have a 100-yard line and our shooters had to go to another range.

Now, when the renovations are complete, we'll be able to have night fire here on targets that are easy to see and well kept," said Gunnery Sgt. Andre McCrary, former Chosin range Staff NCOIC and platoon sergeant.

McCrary now works on Inchon range and said another key benefit of the renovations is an updated communication system that will allow permanent personnel easier access to the sound system on the range.

"The firing berms are being raised higher than they were in the past to give a straighter angle of fire, which is better for recruits learning how to fire because it allows them to concentrate more on the fundamentals of marksmanship," said Coughlin.

Along with new berms, Chosin range is also getting new heads and a repaved road.

"Before all we had was Porta-Johns," said McCrary. "They were always backing up from all the recruits using them. With new heads that won't be a problem anymore."

Another big problem for range personnel was the road leading from the yard lines down into the pits.

"The renovation also gives us a chance to address any problems we're having with the road - if sections of it are washed out or if it's just in too poor of shape to take the vehicles on, now's the time to get everything fixed," added Coughlin.

Shooters are expected to be on the range again the first week of July in 2003 and a renovation of Hue City range will begin after that.