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Training & Education Command (TECOM)

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Corporals gain knowledge at conference

By Lance Cpl. Noel Gonzalez | | August 17, 2007


Beginning with a three mile hike to Elliot's Beach and ending with leadership classes and a barbeque, the corporals conference ended in a success Aug. 17.

About 20 corporals from Headquarters and Service Battalion participated in the conference, along with the battalion sergeant major and the company first sergeants.

The conference is meant for corporals who have not been through the Corporal's Course with some of training associated with it.

It is also designed to teach the Marines the importance of proper leadership as noncommissioned officers.

"This allows the Marines an opportunity to sharpen their leadership skills,"said Sgt. Maj. Michael D. Swanberg, sergeant major, Headquarters and Service Bn. "They also need to get a grasp on doing the right things for the right reasons."

The Marines carried packs that contained a hydration system, poncho, sleeping bag, sleep system cover, ISO mat, canteens, canteen cup, Meal-Ready-To-Eat, socks and note taking-gear.

During the hike, they were encouraged to engage in conversation with each other to get to know one another.

Several classes were taught such as Marine Corps values, professionalism and ethics, ethical leadership, profession of arms, foundations of leadership, mentoring and fraternization, to name a few.

"It's all guided discussion,"explained Swanberg. "We don't want to bore the Marines by reading the information off paper."

"It helps teach corporals how to respond to certain situations,"said Cpl. Michael D. Snody, combat video chief.

The Marines slept outside in sleeping bags along with their gear.

After a few more classes the next morning, the Marines departed Elliot's Beach and returned to the battalion.

The event lasted about 36 hours, beginning at 6 a.m. Thursday and ending 9:30 a.m. the next day.