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Training & Education Command (TECOM)

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Blue Side Battles on Depot's Courts

By Sgt. Carrie Booze | | April 23, 2010

Competition flooded the depot’s field house as the Coast Guard and Medical fought for a better spot in the playoffs during the fourth week of the Commanding General’s Cup Basketball, Tuesday.

Although the teams already have playoff spots secured, lackadaisical attitudes were not an issue. Both teams laced up their kicks and hit the court with intensity and confidence.

Unsurprisingly, both teams had some choice words for each other, taking competitiveness to another level.

“This may be stiff competition, but only because the Coasties don’t go on real deployments, so they have time to practice basketball,” said guard Albert Mayoyo, Medical. “If we lose, it will be a shame to show our face on the depot.

The Coast Guard didn’t hesitate to return fire.

“I know we will come out on top,” said point guard Kullee Demis, Coast Guard. “We don’t paper push; we work hard on and off the court.

Once it was time for each team to back up their trash talk, neither held back, but the Coast Guard came out on top in the first period, despite their abundance of fouls. The first period ended 16-18.

“Were picking up on their plays,” said forward Andrew Johnson, Medical. “They are a very physical team.”

The second period was an intense one, especially the final few minutes. Medical decided to follow the Coasties lead and fouled repeatedly as the clock winded down. But despite their hands-on approach, they were not able to catch up as the Coast Guard kept scoring.

“And One!” yelled forward Victor Leon, Coast Guard, as he scored.

As the buzzer sounded, the Coast Guard scored one last time to add insult to injury. The game ended 34-44, with the sailors walking quietly off the court.

The Coasties advise no one to make medical appointments next week. Like Mayoyo predicted, the sailors will be shamefully hiding.