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Semper Fir Singers wow depot personnel, build camaraderie

By Cpl. Matthew Brown | | April 23, 2010

Ten Marines, five sailors and five staff members from around the depot showcased their musical and vocal abilities for the Semper Fi Singers community concert event at the depot chapel, April 16.

“This is the first ever (depot) community-centered concert event the base has had,” said Lt. David J. Carlson, 1st Recruit Training Battalion Chaplain.

The event featured singers from the rank of lance corporal to brigadier general and focused on wholesome music like sacred, inspirational, patriotic music and even a four part gospel medley from the commanding general.

“The music had to be fitting and appropriate for the venue which is a chapel and also appropriate for the families of our Marines, sailors and civilians who filled it,” Carlson said.

Because Carlson and the other organizers of the event did not know which depot personnel possessed vocal talent, they set out to find the talent.

“Once we put an ad in the daily news and put out our fliers, we held auditions to ensure a quality concert event,” said Carlson. “We ended up accepting 10 Marines, to include the commanding general and five brass players from the band, five sailors and five civilian workers to sing from around the depot so it was a pretty even balance of base personnel.”

The intent of the concert was to promote positive community development and connectivity while allowing enriching and enjoyable entertainment for the base personnel and their families.

“There aren’t a lot of events on this base meant just for base personnel,” said Carlson, one of three masters of ceremony for the event. “Usually they entail the larger community: we sometimes have Marine only or navy only things, but it’s not often mixed; so it is important to get the chance to build camaraderie between all base personnel.”

Carlson, who also sang in the concert, said he was impressed by not only the singers’ abilities, but also by the crowd’s reception of the concert.

“All these singers and musicians received several standing ovations and ensured the concert was a first class event,” said Carlson. “The commanding general himself was outstanding and received a nearly 20-second-long standing ovation for his four-part medley!”

Carlson was among many who were shocked by the quality of the performances.

“Every one was great; I was surprised how much unknown talent we had here on base,” said Sgt. Cinthia Camacho, the commanding general’s driver.

The success of the Semper Fi Singers community concert event almost guarantees a new tradition aboard the depot, Carlson said.

“I could tell everyone really enjoyed the concert,” said Carlson. “I can definitely see this becoming an annual event and it would be wonderful to organize another.”