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Retired Devil Dogs learn new tricks

By Lance Cpl. Crystal Druery | | August 6, 2011

Marine Corps Community Services held a Military Retiree Fair Aug. 6, for local retirees and active duty with less than two years left in the Marine Corps.

The fair consisted of 25 booths providing updated information to beneficiaries on new policies regarding retirement benefits. The booths ranged from burial to education benefits.

“We wanted to provide a one-stop shop so the retirees could gather all the information and resources they need,” said Faye L. Blas, director of personal and professional development, MCCS.

Once retired, prior service members usually aren’t as involved on base or with the Marine Corps, so many do not receive information on changes to benefits, explained Blas.

“It educates the community on benefits they’re not aware of,” said Sharon Landon, department veterans affairs, Fort Rosecrans and Miramar’s National Cemetery.

Landon was one of many attending a booth, eager to share information available.

“Burial benefits are offered under the (Veterans Affairs) at time of need,” said Landon. “Also, people don’t realize that spouses are eligible too.”

MCCS leans on volunteers to get all this information out to upcoming veterans and current retirees, Blas explains.

“The volunteers are there every day and are always open for more,” said Blas, referring to the MCCS retired services office.

The office not only helped during the fair, but is available weekdays 9 a.m. to noon at building 14.

Retired Col. Pat Bromley is one of the three volunteers for the retired services office. He volunteers his time to inform other retirees and those retiring soon because he feels they’re not getting the information they need and is a strong believer in Marines take care of their own.

“This fair really helps them realize there are a lot of resources out there and people really care,” said Bromley. “There are people that can help retirees with anything.”

To make sure updated information is continuously distributed within the retiree community MCCS will make the Military Retiree Fair an annual event, said Blas.

“We want to keep the retirees updated on legislative changes and benefits, so we’re going to try and hold it once a year,” said Blas.