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Depot law enforcement pays tribute to San Diego cop

By Lance Cpl. Katalynn Rodgers | | August 12, 2011

Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego’s law enforcement officers recently banded together to mourn a fallen comrade.

As a sign of honor and respect, MCRD’s law enforcement placed a black mourning band around the center of their badges for Officer Jeremy Henwood of the San Diego Police Department.

Henwood was also a captain in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves who recently returned from a year-long deployment in Afghanistan. He was promoted posthumously to the rank of major.

Officer Henwood, a fouryear veteran of the SDPD, died shortly after 1 a.m. at the Scripps Mercy Hospital Aug. 7, the day after he was shot without warning while on patrol. A car flashing its lights pulled up behind Henwood and when he pulled to the curb to assist, the suspect fired into Henwood’s car. The suspect had been involved in another shooting less than 30 minutes prior.

A witness stopped to render aid and used Henwood’s radio to call for help, police said.

Shortly after the attack police tracked the suspect down and blocked off his escape. When he grabbed the shotgun police officers fired at him. He was pulled from his vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene.

“We join the San Diego Police Department in mourning the loss of this brother police officer and Marine Reserve captain,” said Thomas J. Capaccio, deputy chief of police, provost marshal office here.

According to Cappacio, MCRD law enforcement officers wore black tape across their badges in a traditional sign of mourning and respect for their fallen comrade until after his funeral.

“The black tape is similar to mourning bands worn on the arm by civilians during funeral services,” said Capaccio. “The badge is the symbol of our authority and what binds us together as law enforcement officers; therefore, to shroud it in black acknowledges the loss of a comrade.”

Hundreds of vehicles from different police departments, including two of MCRD’s patrol cars, gathered at Qualcomm Stadium early Aug. 12 to participate in Henwood’s funeral procession. Ambulances and fire trucks were also a part of the procession.

Red and blue lights reflected brightly off the freshly washed patrol cars as they made their way into Qualcomm’s vast parking lot to settle into line for their solemn duty. Law enforcement officers mingled together to speak about their fallen comrade and to console each other before the procession began.

Cappacio said that MCRD representatives were sent to show unity, sympathy, mourning and support for the fallen officer and to his department and family.

The procession made its way from Qualcomm Stadium to the Rock Church in Liberty Station where the memorial was held.

Henwood’s burial is set in San Antonio near where his parents live.