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Training & Education Command (TECOM)

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Monterey Peninsula Marines Honor Historic Landing With Dining-Out

By Javier Chagoya | | August 14, 2014


Marine students at the Naval Postgraduate School located in Monterey Calif., seized the opportunity to honor the July 7, 1846, amphibious landing action at the city's Customs House by Sailors and Marines of the Pacific Squadron. The action led to the annexation of California all without firing a shot. The event was also a farewell to a fellow Marine and the starting point for the evening's Marine Corps Dining Out.

The Marines in attendance reflected on the amphibious action that led to the annexation of California prior to their annual dining-out. NPS' own Senior Marine Corps Representative Col. Mitch McCarthy led the event.

"This was not only a great location for our dining-out affair, but we also honored outgoing NPS Deputy Senior Marine and Graduate School of Business and Public Policy guest lecturer Lt. Col. Greg Flaherty by being able to raise his retirement flag over this prominent site," said McCarthy.

Commanding General, Training and Education Command, Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Thomas Murray was the evening's guest of honor. Murray is well-versed in NPS' education and research programs, serving as one of five federal members of the NPS Board of Advisors subcommittee.

"NPS is meeting the needs of our Marines in many aspects of their education, especially in simulations. The programs here are extremely alive and vigorous," said Murray.

The dining-out festivities were equally alive as the Marines in attendance enjoyed a barbeque dinner in Monterey's stunning Pacific House Memory Garden.