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Archive: July, 2008

Maintaining a force in readiness: Annual fair keeps Marines’ minds on health, covers year’s worth of training requirements July 29, 2008
DoD, government credit cards to change banks July 28, 2008
Army of Czech Republic soldiers attend Drill Instructor School July 25, 2008
Single Marines provide security, observe pop arts at Comic-Con July 23, 2008
New modular barracks help Depot with recruit increase July 21, 2008
Parris Island Marine Band rocks Daytona: Performances help recruiting efforts July 20, 2008
Marines look to alternative commuting July 18, 2008
Professional gamer answers ‘Call of Duty’ July 18, 2008
FLAG FOOTBALL: Ceremonial Platoon shoves defeat down Supt. Bn., Coasties’ throats July 18, 2008
Re-supply hike tests Company L recruits’ teamwork in mock combat environment July 18, 2008
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