MC Physical Fitness Toolkit


Marine Corps Physical Fitness Program and Body Composition

Military Appearance Toolkit

The purpose of this toolkit is to provide Marines, unit leaders and Service level database managers information on the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Program and Body Composition/Military Appearance Program. It is a Common Access Card (CAC) protected website that contains the following: CFT Video, CFT layout diagrams/pictures, Operational Risk Management (ORM) Worksheet, Training Advice, PFT/CFT Scoresheet, PFT/CFT and BCMAP-related Orders/Directives, Ht/Wt Charts, BCP/MAP assignment flowchartand other information. Information on the website is For Official Use Only (FOUO) and will be updated periodically.

Visit the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Program site for more information on the PFT and CFT.

Visit the Marine Corps Body Composition/Military Appearance Program site for more information on these programs.

Access the Marine Corps X-Files
The X-Files contain useful information packaged for rapid reading and easy transport in the cargo pocket of the utility uniform. They convey a synthesis of knowledge gained from experiments with tactics, techniques, and procedures, and some enableing technologies that can help us fight and win battles.

The X-Files are available to registered users only, and you must have a .mil or .gov e-mail address to gain access. For more information on the X-Files and requesting access visit the MCWL X-Files website.
The PTP toolkit is a user friendly, CAC protected (FOUO) website which provides one-stop shopping for current training standards and relevant resources for all deploying Marines. This is an agile toolkit designed to keep up with the current operating environment, facilitating standardization throughout the PTP Continuum. This will be the link between home station training, the Mission Rehearsal Exercise(s) and deployment. (Note that parts of the PTP toolkit are currently under construction and not all links are available. Please use what is available and check back for updates.)

Visit the site for more details.

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