Welcome to Marine Corps Detachment Fort Lee, Academics:

The Marine Corps Detachment Academics Office serves the academic needs of the fours schools located at MCD Fort Lee, VA:

Marine Corps Airborne and Air Delivery School (MCA&ADS)
Marine Corps Bulk Fuel School (MCBFS)
Marine Corps Food Service School (MCFSS)
Marine Corps Personnel Retrieval and Processing School (MCPRPS)

The academics office creates the Course Descriptive Data/Program of Instruction (CDD/POI), lesson plans, student outlines and supplemental instructor and student materials on all collocated CDD/POIs, and any other academic related products. All of the courses that the academic’s office supports are:

CID                              Course Name

A1471H1                     Parachute Rigger Course (PR)
A14LBE1                     RAM-Air Parachute Systems (RAM-AIR)
A143211                      Airdrop Load Inspectors Course (ALIC)
A14L894                      Career-level A&AD Specialist Course

A141351                      Bulk Fuel Specialist (BFS)
A1413H1                     Petroleum Laboratory Specialist (LAB)
A14ECC1                    Advanced Bulk Petroleum Course (ADV)
A1431H1                     Petroleum Officers Course (POC)

A1433L1                     Food Service Specialist Course (FSS)
A1433N1                     Food Service NCO Course (NCO)
A14DA21                    Food Service SNCO Course (SNCO)
A14FAD1                    Senior Food Service Course
A14FAK1                    Field Food Service - Reserve Course

A14M2B1                    Mortuary Affairs Specialist Course Phase I (MAS)
A14M291                    Mortuary Affairs Specialist Course Phase II (MAS)

Links to specific courses contain CDD/POIs, lesson plans, student outlines, and power point presentations on all academic lessons instructed in each course. This information is intended for sustainment/refresher training only. In order to obtain certification or completion certificates of courses, a student must attend resident POIs provided at MCD, Fort Lee, VA.

Contact Information                                         DSN: 678-XXXX

MCD Academics Officer                                     (804) 734-6295
MCD Academic Training Specialist                    (804) 734-7597
MCBFS Curriculum Developer                           (804) 734-7596
MCFSS Curriculum Developer                           (804) 765-3772
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