Enhance Marine Corps Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) readiness by providing skilled entry-, career-, and advanced-level Enlisted Marines and Officers as a Personnel Retrieval and Processing (PRP) Specialist (0471), Airborne and Air Delivery Specialist (0451), Bulk Fuel Specialist (1391), Food Service Specialist (3381). Marine Enlisted Aide (3372), Mortuary Affairs Officer (0407), Air Delivery Officer (0405), Bulk Fuel Officer (1390) and Food Service Officer (3302).


Our intent is to provide the highest caliber Marines to the MAGTF at all times. Due to the many demands and high operational tempo seen in the MAGTF, we coordinate within Mobile Training Teams through our schools to provide instruction as often as possible.

Our instructors and staff continuously work to ensure that Marines receive the finest training possible.

  Capt Brian T. Geisen

Company Commander, A Co, Marine Corps Detachment Fort Lee

First Sergeant Wesley W. Hunt

First Sergeant, A Co, Marine Corps Detachment - Fort Lee

Officer of the Day: (804) 731 7948
Staff Duty Officer of the Day: (804) 734 7487/7945 
Alpha Co Academics Officer: (804) 734-7727
Alpha Co Office: (804) 734 7486
Alpha Co 1st Sgt: (804) 734-7666
Alpha Co FAX number: (804) 734-7467

Mailing Address
Marine Detachment, Alpha Company
Bldg 9060, Mahone Ave
Fort Lee, Virginia 23801
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Marine Corps Training and Education Command