Marines attend the Parachute Rigger Course to receive the MOS 0451. The course is taught in three phases and lasts a total of 12 weeks and 2 days.

PHASE I: AERIAL DELIVERY BRANCH (AD), the students learn to pack heavy cargo parachutes, rig loads for airdrop, and learn to maintain and service airdrop equipment associated with cargo airdrops. This phase is 19 training days.

Phase II: PACK BRANCH (PACK), the students learn to pack personnel and light cargo parachutes. The PACK portion of Phase II is 18 training days. AERIAL EQUIPMENT REPAIR BRANCH (AER), the students learn to repair parachutes and various types of airdrop equipment. Students must learn and show proficiency on five different sewing machines. The AER portion of Phase II is 13 training days.

PHASE III: Multi-Mission Parachute System (MMPS), the students learn to pack the Multi-Mission Parachute System. This phase is 10 training days. Upon successful completion of all three phases, students are awarded the MOS of 0451.

SPECIAL COURSES - The following courses are advanced courses. These courses are not required to obtain the basic 0451 MOS, but are required to perform special duties within the 0451 field:

AIRLOAD INSPECTOR COURSE (ALIC) - The ALIC course instructs students in the proper way to conduct joint inspections of loads rigged for airdrop. Upon successful completion of this course, students are certified to conduct joint inspections and certify loads for airdrop. This course is five trainings days long.

CAREER LEVEL AIRBORNE AND AIR DELIVERY SPECIALIST COURSE – This course is designed for Corporals through Staff Sergeants to prepare the Marines to perform the duties as Paraloft Chiefs. Instruction is provided in administration, logistical, and operational and maintenance management. The course is ten training days.

AERIAL DELIVERY MATERIAL OFFICERS COURSE (ADMOC) - This course is an MOS qualifying course for Officers. It is six weeks in length and is designed to give Officers a working knowledge of the MOS. Upon completion of the course, Officers are qualified to work in the MOS as Air Delivery Officers (MOS 0405).

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