Ammunition NCO MTT Overview

The Ammunition Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Mobil Training Team (MTT) course is designed to provide instruction to NCOs on the 2000 level events listed in the Training and Readiness Manual, NAVMC 3500.89_.  

PURPOSE: To provide Marine Noncommissioned Officers, MOS 2311, with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform effectively as an Ammunition Noncommisioned Officer within the Fleet Marine Force.

SCOPE: Specialized instruction covers: Administration, Execute the Munitions Dispostion Process, Maintain training allowance records, Manage an ammunition storage area and Physical Security consisting of Manage an Ammunition security program. Training consisting of Use a Training & Readiness (T&R) manual, Coordinate unit training, Conduct an operational risk assessment, Create a performance evaluation checklist, Evaluate training.

CDD NOTES: The following Marine Corps orders apply to this course: 1. MCO 5100.29A Marine Corps Safety Program 2. MCO 3500.27 Operational Risk Management

LOCATION Mobile Training Team Sites:

Camp Pendleton, Ca

Camp Lejeune, NC

Okinawa, Japan

29 Palms, Ca

LENGTH (PEACETIME): 8 Training Days

4th Plt Cmdr    (804) 765 5554
4th Plt Sgt       (804) 734 5342

Marine Corps Training and Education Command