The Marine Corps Petroleum Training Division provides professional military instruction to the students, and technical support to the Marine Corps as well. Fort Lee has been home for formal Marine Corps 1391 Bulk Fuel training since 1983. The responsibilities range from professional instruction and curriculum development to providing technical expertise and support as Bulk Fuel subject matter experts to HQMC. The job of the instructors is demanding but gratifying with an average of over 350 basic students graduating every year. After graduation the student goes on to meet the ever demanding petroleum engineering needs of the United States Marine Corps. The following is a list of courses and brief description of what's currently available at the Bulk Fuel Training Division:

BULK FUEL SPECIALIST COURSE (USMC) (A141351): A six week course, designed to teach the individual Marine and soldier the basic fundamentals of receiving, storing, issuing, dispensing, and shipping of petroleum products. The course is divided into two three week segments. In segment one the student receives classroom instruction and hands-on training on the basics of safety; sampling, gauging; fire fighting; and is introduced to the environmental considerations and impact of a petroleum operation. The student is then ready to move to the second segment where he or she is exposed to the more unique side of the Marine Corps petroleum field where the student receives classroom instruction and hands-on training with the latest tactical fuel systems equipment and fuel accounting procedures. The Helicopter Expedient Refueling System, Tactical Airfield Fuel Dispensing System, SIXCON module, and components of the Amphibious Assault Fuel System are just a few of the systems and equipment the student will be exposed to while attending the Bulk Fuel Specialist course.

PETROLEUM LABORATORY SPECIALIST COURSE (A1430J1): A ten week course designed to teach the basic student as well as the NCO and SNCO the basic fundamentals of working in a petroleum laboratory. Initially the students receive classroom instruction on the safety and conduct that is expected in a laboratory environment. The student then moves on to receiving professional instruction as well as hands-on training on sixty six test methods conducted on petroleum type products according to the ASTM and MIL Hand Book 200. During the course of instruction the student is subjected to garrison and field environment training, and must be able to follow strict guidelines in performing each of the sixty six test methods according to specifications. Upon graduation the student is designated a Petroleum Laboratory Specialist. 
        PHASE 1 (A1413H1)
        PHASE 2 (A1414X1)

BULK FUEL TRAINING (RESERVIST): A Course designed to re-familiarize Marine Corps Reservists with Bulk Fuel equipment and operations. The Students are provided with professional classroom instructions and hands on training on the various types of Tactical Fuel Systems that are currently utilized in the Fleet Marine Force. There is no set POI for the reservists, usually the command provides the school with a list of items they want the students to learn. The POI is based on the needs of the requesting unit. Reservist can also attend the regular Advanced SNCO Course and the Petroleum Officer Course.

ADVANCED BULK PETROLEUM COURSE (A14ECC1): Marine Corps Staff Noncommissioned Officers (E-6 to E-9) attend this three weeks course designed to provide MOS skill progression needed to meet the increasing demands within the petroleum environment. This course will cover areas such as joint doctrine, petroleum responsibilities of DFSC and the military services, bulk petroleum planning, bulk petroleum operations within the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF), and joint petroleum operations in developed and undeveloped theaters. This course will provide the SNCO with the required skills to perform petroleum hydraulics, inventory management, quality surveillance, environmental measures and maintenance of equipment.

Marine Corps Warrant Officers attend this eight week course designed to provide the skills required to perform petroleum management duties in both staff and operational assignments. This course covers the skills required in areas such as supply; distribution point operations; quality surveillance; control operations; and prepares the officer to perform petroleum and water functions at both service and Department of Defense (DOD) staff levels.

HQMC BULK PETROLEUM SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS (SME): In addition to training, the Marine Corps Petroleum Training Division has several additional duties to assist HQMC and MCCDC in petroleum matters.

The primary responsibilities are.

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