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Marine Combat Instructor School

School of Infantry - West

Camp Pendleton, CA
Marine Combat Instructor School


To develop Marines’ leadership, character, knowledge, and fitness in order to fortify them with the values, strength, and skills required to succeed as Combat Instructors in a challenging environment.

Important Documents:

CIS Screening Checklist

CIS Welcome Aboard

Encl 1 CIS Overview

Encl 2 Basic Information

Encl 3 Uniform Requirements

Encl 4 Messing and Billeting Instructions

Encl 5 SOI-W Phone Directory

Encl 6 CI Creed

Encl 7 CIS Drill Card

Encl 8 CIS Drill Eval

Encl 9 Dynamic Warm Up

Additional Information
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1. This course is designed to prepare instructors in the leadership knowledge and skills required to formally train the combat tasks of the Marine Corps common skills as defined in MCU 1510.89b. Students will also be given thorough training in character, leadership, and physical fitness.

2. Upon successful completion of the course a Marine is capable of performing the Special Duty Assignment, Combat Instructor, at the School of Infantry.

3. Length of course: ( 9 weeks )

4. Maximum class capacity: 60

5. Minimum class capacity: 15

6. Classes per fiscal year: 4

Check In Procedures

You should check in between 0800-1600 on the report date that is located on the "Info on MCIS" link, in your Service Alpha Uniform. On the convene date, you must pass a physical fitness test and meet Marine Corps height and weight standards. If you check in before the report date during normal working hours, go to the Combat Instructors School , Building 520591 Rm 115, 1st deck. After working hours report to the AOOD building 520523 (SOI Command Post).


This course is designed to train and educate instructors in the leadership, knowledge and skills required to formally train Marines in Marine Corps Common Skills. The student to instructor ratio is about 7:1; the instructor staff is composed of Sergeants, Staff Sergeants, and Gunnery Sergeants.

A general overview of the course:

  • 458 Academic Hours

  • 60 Physical Training Hours

  • 50 Kilometers of Hikes

  • 103 Performance Evaluations

  • 8 Written Examinations

    The curriculum includes the following subjects:

  • Individual & Crew Served Weapons (M4/M16, M9, M203, M67, M240, and AT-4)

  • Land Navigation

  • Combat Conditioning

  • Marine Corps Martial Arts Program Sustainment

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and TCCC

  • Offensive and Defensive Techniques

  • Combat Hunter

  • Scouting and Patrolling

  • School of Infantry Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

  • Leadership

  • MOUT/Immediate Actions

  • Combat Marksmanship

  • Formal Schools Instructor Course

  • Drill a Unit

  • Optics

  • IED Training

  • ECP/VCP and Guardian Angel

  • PERRES (Performance Resiliency Program)

  • Communications


CIS is a very physically demanding course! Students must be in excellent physical shape before arriving.

Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test- Failure to adhere to Marine Corps standards in any portion of the test will result in disenrollment from the course.

Body Composition Program - Be within height and weight standards when you arrive. You will be measured on check-in.

Running- Marines are highly encouraged to focus on running on terrain that includes hills. Boots and utility runs are very common at this course, so work on this area also.

Obstacle Course- Marines will be required to successfully complete the obstacle course.

Hikes- Marines will conduct a 5, 10, 15, and 20 Kilometer hike. These hikes will be conducted with all issued gear to include flak jacket with SAPI's and weapons. The pack will weigh about 65 lbs.

I am a Combat Instructor. I am a mentor and leader to my students. I am the example of a combat ready Marine, and will inspire my students to emulate me. I will mentally and physically train them in infantry tactics, techniques and procedures. I will train them with vigor, enthusiasm, and make them combat efficient. I will treat them with firmness, fairness, dignity and respect. My moral courage, leadership and discipline are unquestionable and my students will never fear me. I will never forget I am accountable to my Marines to provide them the training necessary to survive in combat.

If you are an incoming student, it is required  that you complete the following on-line courses:

A - System Approach to Training (SAT) -

B - Operational Risk Management (ORM) -

C - Anti-Terrorism Level 1 Training -

D - Range Safety Course (RSO) -

E - Marine Marksmanship (CMC) -