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Infantry Training Battalion

Camp Geiger, NC
Instructional Philosophy

All Marines are continually inculcated in the importance of basic infantry skills.


  • Understands the mission of the Marine infantryman and recognizes his role
  • Intimate with his personal equipment and the care/maintenance of it
  • Confident in his ability to thrive in an austere environment
  • Possess a baseline proficiency in all infantry Common Skills


  • Individual and Crew Served Weapons Proficiency
  • Individual Offensive Fundamentals
  • Individual Defensive Fundamentals
  • "Teach; Demonstrate; Practical Application (pre-brief); Evaluate (debrief); Remediate; Reinforce!"


  • Mastery: MCC's and MOS specific task Written Exs (80% >) or Practical Application
  • Reinforcement: Physical Fitness and Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP)
  • Exposure: Rush w/M249; Zero/Engage Tgts with AN/PEQ-2A; five Paragraph order