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Training and Education Command

United States Marine Corps

Quantico, VA
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Chosin Few reunite aboard Depot May 10, 2002 — The year is late 1950, and artillery shells are bombarding the area of North Korea known today as the Chosin Reservoir. Approximately 10,000 Marines from the 1st Marine Division are surrounded by approximately 200,000 Chinese troops making up eight different divisions. Battling frostbite, hunger and imminent danger, ammunition begins to run low MORE
Marine feels need for speed May 7, 2002 — Growing up, many children idolize superheroes that mask themselves as everyday citizens, only to unveil themselves to accomplish extraordinary feats. Many of these superheroes hide behind a sort of alter ego persona that is so completely opposite of their superhero identity as to not draw attention to themselves. Mild mannered newspaper reporter MORE
H&S Bn. begins burial detail duties May 3, 2002 — Headquarters and Service Bn. will provide burial services for fallen servicemen in the local area for the next four months. Headquarters Co., which just took over for Weapons and Field Training Bn. Wednesday, will serve during the months of May and July, and Service Co. will serve during the months of June and August. The burial detail consists MORE
Drill Instructor receives heart transplant, returns to training 2 months later without missing a beat June 29, 2001 — Less than a year ago, a simple task such as getting out of bed or sitting in a chair would have exhausted or even killed Sgt. John D. Floyd. After two battles with pneumonia, Floyd's wife was concerned about the way his heart sounded. After numerous tests and X-rays, doctors discovered that he had an irregular heartbeat and his heart was doubled in MORE
Ride for Life: Depot Marine bikes to Washington; July 21, 2000 — Staff Sergeant Terry Butts, staff non-commissioned officer-in-charge of the Douglas Visitor Center here, wants to raise cancer awareness by conducting a weeklong cycling trip to Washington, D.C.The accomplished triathlete, who is training currently for the Hawaii World Championship Ironman Triathlon, planned the ride to raise money for the American MORE
PI MARINE RECEIVES NAACP RECOGNITION May 5, 2000 — From behind his gold leaves, crisp cammies and commanding appearance, your first approach might be a bit apprehensive - even intimidating, but as a smile breaks through his military demeanor it's a dead give away - he's nothing but heart. From his service to America in the world's finest Corps to volunteering with local Beaufort county schools, MORE

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