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Change of heart leads rugby star to Marines August 19, 2010 — He is an outstanding student and excellent rugby player and he already had a full-ride scholarship to the college of his choice through rugby and the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps. He has an ambition that was channeled into his carefully planned destiny inspired by his grandfather, Lt. Col. Gerald M. Katz, a pilot in the Air Force. He MORE
Recruits gain confidence in chamber August 19, 2010 — Company G recruits woke before the sun rose, hiked a dusty road riddled with pot holes and gathered around the confidence chamber in the hills of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif., to feel the effects of chlorobenzylidene malononitrile, commonly known as CS gas, Aug. 9. CS gas is a non-lethal substance commonly used as a riot control agent MORE
Secretary of Defense visits depot during SoCal trip August 19, 2010 — Secretary of Defense, Robert M. Gates, addressed new Marines Aug. 13, during his visit to Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego.“It takes uncommon perseverance to make it through basic training – just as it takes uncommon patriotism to make the decision to join the military in a time of war,” said Secretary Gates. “But then, as you know, there is MORE
Master Instructor August 18, 2010 — FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo.  Every day aspiring Marines stretch to reach a new goal.  They continuously look for ways to hone their edge and develop new skills.  The title of “Master Instructor” is an ambition that Marine instructors can add to their “to do” list while training students.  Some of the prerequisites to achieving Master Instructor are a MORE
Earning the tab August 13, 2010 — The Marines of class 4-10 are currently attempting to become Marine Corps Martial Arts Program instructors and set the example for their fellow Marines at the depot’s Marine Corps Martial Arts Satellite School.“The role of a MAI is one of leadership,” said Sgt. Keun Chung, squad instructor trainer, Marine Corps Martial Arts Satellite School, MORE
New type of muscle takes over depot for day August 12, 2010 — For the past seven years the Marine Corps Community Services Auto Skills Center has held a car and motorcycle show here. Classic, performance and American muscle cars brought by auto enthusiasts and car clubs, such as Wicked Stangz, Heavy Hitterz and the Over the Hill Gang, were on display next to the depot Fitness Center, July 31. The event is not MORE
Houston, San Antonio educators sample recruit training August 12, 2010 — High school administrators, teachers and counselors from Recruiting Stations Houston and San Antonio experienced a week-long synopsis of Marine Corps recruit training during the Educators Workshop Monday through today.The educators’ first step in their simulated transformation to becoming Marines began with their arrival on the depot.As the buses MORE
Recruits defeat towering obstacles August 6, 2010 — The main purpose for boot camp is to create basically trained Marines out of those who wish to enlist in the Marine Corps.For many recruits, the most dreaded part of basic training is the Crucible. During these few days recruits will face mentally and physically demanding obstacles while enduring simulated combat stress, consisting of food and MORE
Recruit returns favor to Corps for saving father's life August 6, 2010 — Those who enlist in the Marine Corps have many reasons for joining. These reasons can range from family tradition to a strong desire to serve one’s country, however very few have likely joined the Corps because a group of Marines saved their fathers’ lives.Pfc. Weldu Aregawi Gebrimichael, Platoon 3275, Company M, 3rd Battalion was inspired to join MORE
Military spouses attend annual Appreciation Day August 6, 2010 — Marine Corps Recruit Depot’s Family Readiness Program held its Spouse Appreciation Spa Day here July 31.  The event instructed spouses on dealing with family stress and separation while remembering to put themselves first every once in a while.  The day started with greetings from Erin Vanko, Family Readiness trainer, MCRD San Diego and Maj.Gen. MORE

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