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The mission of the Information Management Office (IMO) is to advise the Headquarters Battalion commander and staff on communication strategy matters to develop and integrate communication plans; produce written and visual information products in order to build understanding, credibility, and trust with key publics and audiences critical to mission success; support the Battle Rhythm process with a collaborative environment aligned to operational systems, processes, administrative technologies, and tools; share and manage information in ways that support the mission of the organization; bring quality information, in the right form, to the right people at the right time to support sound and deliberate decisions and to generate ideas.

About Us

The IMO provides networking, maintenance, audio/visual, telecommunication, and technical support for Headquarters Battalion. The IMO serves as the primary advisor and coordinator for all Information Technology (IT) in support of Headquarters Battalion. The IMO services consist of information assurance, systems and network management, collaboration and messaging services, computers, fixed voice, wireless connectivity services, multi-media visual information, video teleconferencing, service desk, software, firmware, procedures, services (including support services), and related resources (i.e., IT workforce). We can be contacted during working hours at (703) 432-2264.

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IT Support

Your local Information Systems Coordinator (ISC) should be your first point of contact regarding IT support. The table below can be used to determine when to call the Enterprise Service Desk for customer support.

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