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The Headquarters Battalion (HQ Bn) Individual Mobilized Augmentee (IMA) Program provides a source of pre-trained and qualified members from the SMCR to fill individual drilling reserve billets that are integrated with the Active Duty (AD) staff within HQ Bn, as well as its subordinate units/commands.  THE IMA PROGRAM IS USED TO SUPPORT ACTIVE DUTY ORGANIZATION REQUIREMENTS.  The Reserve Liaison Office (RLO) is the IMA Operational Sponsor (OpSponsor) for all IMA billets within HQ Bn.

IMA Marines rate 48 drills, as well as 12 – 13 days of Annual Training (AT), per Fiscal Year (FY), not anniversary year.  Unlike their SMCR counterparts, IMAs have no published/required drill schedules.  They schedule their drills & AT with their AD counterparts according to their own individual schedules & their section’s requirements. 

Reserve Liaison Officer
Captain Dixon C. Christy

COM: 703-784-6501
DSN: 278-6501

Reserve Program Manager
Mrs. Charmale (Charm) Gallagher

COM: 703-784-4124
DSN: 278-4124

Marine Corps Training and Education Command