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The mission of PSD is to develop doctrine and execute policy, standards, and assessments that provide the framework for Marine Corps training and education in order to enable the achievement of the TECOM mission to train and educate the force.

PSD serves as the principal staff section responsible for, but not limited to the following: manages the Marine Corps' doctrine process; manages the Service assessment and analysis process; explores and evaluates emerging learning opportunities and training and education requirements; manages learning experimentation and instructional best practices at the formal schools; manages assignment of Marines to formal schools; manages the 8802 Occupational Field; program sponsor for MCTIMS and M-SHARP; proponent of overarching Service-level training and education policy and standards; oversight for faculty talent management; conducts service level coordination of human performance and resiliency policies and programs; and supports inspections of Marine Corps' training and education.


Points of Contact


 (703) 784-3701

 (DSN) 278-3701

Deputy Director

 (703) 784-2553

 (DSN) 278-2553

Operations Officer

 (703) 784-3146

 (DSN) 278-3146

Administration Officer

 (703) 784-0843

 (DSN) 278-0843

Finance Management Officer

 (703) 784-2551

 (DSN) 278-2551


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