S-3 Operations
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Headquarters Battalion
"Largest Battalion in the Corps"

As the Operations Section of Headquarters Battalion, the primary functions that we perform to better serve the Marines include, but is not limited to: conducting the height/weight and taping for all body composition evaluations; facilitate and oversee the administering of the CFT and PFT, on a weekly basis; coordinate with Weapons Training Battalion for the allocation of ranges for both rifle and pistol, and submit and approve all final scores for those ranges; daily management of MCTIMS; facilitate/host bi-monthly annual training events; coordinate and execute quarterly PME trips; oversee the execution of quarterly live-fire familiarization ranges of various weapon systems; support the execution of the Lance Corporals Seminar and Corporals Course; and coordinate and oversee the execution of all battalion level events, to include the annual Beast Slayer squad competition, family day, field meet, and Beast Bash.

Billet Name Location Email Phone
Operations Officer Maj Gregory, Indigo M. Yale Hall Building 2006 - 1st Floor indigo.gregory@usmc.mil 703-784-6589
Operations Chief
BCP Coordinator
MSgt Higgins, Matthew L. Yale Hall Building 2006 - 1st Floor matthew.l.higgins@usmc.mil 703-784-6573
Training Chief SSgt Haugh, Lucas B. Yale Hall Building 2006 - 1st Floor lucas.haugh@usmc.mil 703-784-2555


Marine Corps Training and Education Command