Headquarters Company
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Headquarters Battalion
"Largest Battalion in the Corps"

Within our administrative relationship the company provides a supporting chain of command that facilitates consolidated command functions including those associated with general service training, administration, and logistics in order to sustain common military skills, health, morale, discipline, and over-all readiness of the nearly 550 Marines assigned across Training and Education Command, Education Command, and Training Command.​

Billet Name Location Email Phone
Company Commander Capt Tilque, Hanna M. Yale Hall Building 2006 - 2nd Floor hanna.tilque@usmc.mil 703-784-6008
Company First Sergeant 1stSgt Shen, Cheng W. Yale Hall Building 2006 - 2nd Floor cheng.shen@usmc.mil 703-784-6057
Company Gunnery Sergeant GySgt Osborne, Harley G. Yale Hall Building 2006 - 2nd Floor harley.osborne@usmc.mil 703-784-5994
Company Clerk Cpl Lopez, Francisco Yale Hall Building 2006 - 2nd Floor francisco.lopez@usmc.mil 703-784-6009


Headquarters Company Commanding Officer

Captain Hanna M. Tilque

Headquarters Company First Sergeant

First Sergeant Cheng W. Shen

Marine Corps Training and Education Command