Annual Rifle Qualification
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Quantico, Virginia
MCDP 1 warfighting

All Marines, regardless of occupational specialty, will be trained in basic combat skills. All peacetime activities should focus on achieving combat readiness. 



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Everything Starts and Ends with the Individual Marine.  We should train the way we expect and intend to fight.



TECOM Logo and Weapons Training Battalion Logoarq sponser and proponent

CG TECOM serves as the Sponsor for the Marine Corps Combat Marksmanship Program (MCCMP). 


Commanding Officer, Weapons Training Battalion serves as the proponent; responsible for oversight of the MCCMP.


Rigorously Developed and Testedrigorously developed and tested

Collaboratively and extensively tested and modified using direct feedback from Fleet Marine Forces, the Supporting Establishment, and MARFORRES.

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Why the Change?

-- The previous course of fire has been largely unchanged since 1907.

-- Course of Fire did not change when the Rifle Combat Optic was included in 2008.

-- Elevate baseline rifle proficiency to combat conditions emphasizing lethal hits.

Key Points for New Annual Rifle Qualification

-- MCRDs and TBS will still qualify on Table 1 and 2 course of fire.

-- Table 1 and 2 teaches and instills the fundamentals of marksmanship.

-- Three-day, vice two-week qualification, giving time back to commanders.

-- Conducted in helmet and body armor, with operational positions and threat targets.

-- Scoring assesses ability to place shots in vital areas in repeatable fashion.

-- There is a minimum standard at each phase of course of fire, similar to CFT and PFT.

-- Shooters may use bipods, rest magazine on the deck, or use assault back for support.

-- Barricades can be used for support at the 100 & 200 yard lines.

Links to Applicable MARADMINS
Implementation Message MARADMIN 082/21.   
Authorized Weapons, Optics, Attachments and Modifications MARDMIN 091/21  
Post Marksmanship Symposium MARADMIN 089/21

Day 1-3 Drills


500 Yards Sustained Fire

300 Yards Controlled Pair

200 Yards Controlled Pair

200 Yards Movers

100 Yards Controlled Pair

25 Yards To 15 Yards Moving



Train the Trainer Events
  • Camp Lejeune, Stonebay Range, 8-12 March 2021.

  • Camp Pendleton, Edson Range, 22-26 March 2021.

  • MCB Quantico June (Dates TBD) 2021.

  • During April 2021 Combat Marksmanship Coach and Combat Marksmanship Trainer Courses will be modified to support ARQ implementation.

  • Formal Marksmanship Training Units (FMTUs) may begin implementation locally once they have received the training and Marksmanship Courses updates.

  • Consists of FMTUs providing local installation Marksmanship Courses with training to allow units to prepare for ARQ.  Once the local training is completed, FMTUs will begin executing ARQ as the annual sustainment requirement.

  • ARQ will be fully implemented no later than Oct 1, 2021 for Active Duty forces. Reserve implementation will be completed in FY22.

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