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Substance Abuse Control Officer provides substance abuse education/prevention, urinalysis screening and assistance to the Commander on substance abuse related matters. The Substance Abuse Program utilizes evidence-based programming and practices, including prevention education, early intervention initiatives, counseling, and drug and alcohol deterrent activities in order to promote overall health and mission readiness.

Headquarters Battalion Substance Abuse Control Officer
GySgt Latorie B. Maddox

COM: 703-432-1474


Bldg 2006 Room 118
Quantico, VA

Alcohol Use

The Marine Corps objective is to eliminate alcohol abuse. Combating the debilitating threat posed by alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency on both Marines and mission readiness requires a total commitment from all levels of leadership. Leaders must be alert to characteristics of alcohol abuse and with the symptoms of the disease of alcohol dependency. All leaders must not in any way promote or condone alcohol misuse.

Drug Use

The use of illegal drugs undermines the effective performance of Marines and is contrary to the Marine Corps' Mission. Acts of use, possession, trafficking, or distribution of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia will not be tolerated. These offenses must be dealt with swiftly and effectively to the fullest extent provided for by law and regulations. Civilians engaging in such acts will be detained and turned over to a local law enforcement agency for prosecution under the applicable criminal statutes.

SACO Office
COM: 703-784-2285
Building 2006 Yale Hall, Room 118

Marine Corps Community Servies (MCCS) Substance Abuse Program
Consolidated Substance Abuse Counseling Center (CSACC)

Office: (703) 784-3502

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A.A. Group ... where it all begins
The Alcoholics Anonymous that is held in the Battalion Classroom has been postponed due to COVID conditions.

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