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The Training and Education Command (TECOM) G-6 serves as the primary advisor and coordinator for all Information Technology (IT) in support of training and education in the Marine Corps. The G-6 oversees resourcing of the command and control systems, to include servers, desktop and laptop computers in accordance with the Table of Organization and Tables of Equipment (TO/TE) for TECOM commands and branches. The G-6 disseminates and enforces the IT directives and policies from Headquarters Marine Corps C-4 Branch, the Department of the Navy and the Department of Defense.


Points of Contact

AC/S G-6  (703) 784-6816  (DSN) 278-6816
G-6 Operations  (703) 784-3803  (DSN) 278-3803
G-6 Cyber Security  (703) 432-6414  (DSN) 378-6414
G-6 Enterprise Services Management  (703) 784-4864  (DSN) 278-4864
G-6 Web Support  (703) 432-0099  (DSN) 378-0099
Enterprise Service Desk  (855) 373-8762  (DSN) 915-3333

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