Headquarters Battalion
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Training and Education Command
"Largest Battalion in the Corps"

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To train, administer, and sustain our Marines in order to ensure their individual readiness and enable our supported organizations to concentrate on their respective missions.

Headquarters Battalion

Battalion Commander (703) 784-2264 Special Staff
Battalion Executive Officer (703) 784-2264 Unit Readiness Coordinator (703) 784-2267
Battalion Sergeant Major (703) 784-2264 MCCS Coordinator (703) 784-4046
Headquarters Company Substance Abuse Control Officer (SACO) (703) 784-2285
Company Office (703) 784-6009 Religious Ministry Team (703) 784-2784
Combat Development and Systems Company Legal Chief (703) 784-3464
Company Office (703) 784-6070 Career Planner (703) 784-3249
Manpower and Recruiting Company Equal Opportunity Representative (EOR) (703) 784-2267
Company Office (703) 784-2149 Uniformed Victim Advocate (UVA) (703) 784-2545
  Single Marines Program (703) 784-4143
S-1 Voting Officer (703) 784-6423
S-1 Administration Officer (703) 784-2261 Independent Duty Corpsman (703) 784-3552
S-1 Administration Chief (703) 784-2261 Information Management Office (703) 784-6533
S-3 Operations Officer (703) 784-2555/2556 Barracks/Building 2046 (Kelly Hall)
S-3 Operations Assistant (703) 784-2555/2556 Duty Non-Commissioned Officer (703) 432-0015
S-3 Operations Chief (703) 784-6573 Barracks Manager (703) 432-0014
S-4 Logistics Officer (703) 784-4716 Building 2006 (Yale Hall)
S-4 Logistics Chief (703) 784-2267 Officer Of the Day (OOD) (703) 784-6424


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Headquarters Battalion Leaders

Colonel Richard J. Schmidt
Commanding Officer, Headquarters Battalion

Colonel Jason Schmidt most recently served as the Deputy Commander for Special Operations Command Africa. He is a Nebraska native and graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1993. He began his career as a ground intelligence and reconnaissance officer, and later became a special operations officer.

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Lieutenant Colonel Michael A. Bowers
Executive Officer, Headquarters Battalion

Lieutenant Colonel Mike Bowers was raised in the West End of Hagerstown, Maryland.  He enlisted into

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Sergeant Major
Headquarters Battalion

Sergeant Major Korabik enlisted in the Marine Corps January 1999 and attended Boot Camp at MCRD San

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