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Headquarters Battalion Routing Sheet Template

NAVMC 10274 - Administrative Action Form (Current)

Headquarters Battalion Readiness Inspection Checklist (In Progress)

Business Rules

1. Section/front line leaders must be aware of and assist Marines & Sailors with packages.

2. Only administratively complete packages will be accepted for routing.

3. Marines should expect a 15-business day turn-around once accepted by the company office.

4. Packages will be electronically tracked from receipt by the company office through completion.

5. Sections/Companies may only contact the next level up for package updates.

6. Packages will only be routed electronically unless directed otherwise by higher authority.

7. All official business will be conducted in the uniform of the day.

8. Command letterhead is only authorized for use by the command (billets), individuals.

9. Individual Marines and Sailors may track their own electronically submitted packages in the system

10. Up-to-date templates for the top ten most common packages will be housed on the battalion's website.

Routing Flow Chart

Routing Flow Chart

Package Templates


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