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July, 2008

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Maintaining a force in readiness: Annual fair keeps Marines’ minds on health, covers year’s worth of training requirements July 29, 2008 — The Depot held its annual Semper Fit Health Education Fair at the All- Weather Training Facility on Tuesday. The fair fulfilled annual health education training on drug prevention, alcohol awareness, sexually transmitted disease education, tobacco usage and suicide prevention.  “The fair has been an annual event for at least 10 years now,” said MORE
DoD, government credit cards to change banks July 28, 2008 — The Department of Defense is scheduled to switch government travel, purchase and fleet credit cards from Bank of America to CitiBank in November.The DoD is switching banks due to Bank of America’s contract expiring, said 1st Lt. Nicole Bastian, the Headquarters & Service Battalion adjutant, from Tampa, Fla.The Bank of America cards will expire Nov. MORE
Army of Czech Republic soldiers attend Drill Instructor School July 25, 2008 — Drill instructor school poses many difficulties for Marines, such as the intense academic schedule, memorizing the entire drill manual or just dealing with the strict staff. But, for two students attending Drill Instructor School Class 4-08 there is one obstacle they have to face that other students don’t.Army of the Czech Republic soldiers Master MORE
Single Marines provide security, observe pop arts at Comic-Con July 23, 2008 — Not long ago, in a convention center not too far, far away was Comic-Con, 2008. Thousands of people came from around the world to be a part of an annual gathering of those interested in popular arts and culture July 23 through 27 at the San Diego Convention Center. Those attending included 25 Marines from the Single Marine Program. These SMP MORE
New modular barracks help Depot with recruit increase July 21, 2008 — Along with a growing need for more Marines comes a growing need to house the influx of recruits arriving at the Depot.Trucks carrying new barracks started arriving on the Depot, Tuesday.The modular barracks will provide temporary lodging for the recruits until permanent barracks are available.The temporary facilities will be used until new barracks MORE
Parris Island Marine Band rocks Daytona: Performances help recruiting efforts July 20, 2008 — The Parris Island Marine Band travels thousands of miles each year as representatives of the Marine Corps in an effort to help with the recruiting drive. Saturday, the band departed the Depot and travelled south across the 6th Marine Corps District on a recruiting tour. On one stop along the tour, the band visited Daytona Beach, Fla., to perform at MORE
Marines look to alternative commuting July 18, 2008 — Record high fuel prices have depot personnel turning to alternative forms of transportation. The use of public transportation, bicycles, and carpools are on the rise. The rising price of fuel has led some people to drive less frequently.“The way that I compensate for the rising gas cost is that I limit how far I drive, and I drive considerably less MORE
Professional gamer answers ‘Call of Duty’ July 18, 2008 — Pvt. Andrew Vigil spent the majority of his high school years in a bedroom at his suburban home in Silverdale, Wash., playing video games. Vigil began playing video games on his Super Nintendo and Nintendo Game Boy when he was 6-years-old. Over the years as video game technology became more advanced, Vigil bought an Xbox 360 console. Vigil said MORE
FLAG FOOTBALL: Ceremonial Platoon shoves defeat down Supt. Bn., Coasties’ throats July 18, 2008 — In the third week of the Commanding General’s Cup flag football season, Ceremonial Platoon enjoyed the sweet taste of victory so much that they came back for seconds.The first game of the day featured Support Battalion against Ceremonial. Throughout the game, there was no dominating team. Every time Support’s offensive techniques would pick up MORE
Re-supply hike tests Company L recruits’ teamwork in mock combat environment July 18, 2008 — Dirty, tired and hungry, Company L recruits waited in the evening’s fading light for the next command from their drill instructors. The command was given to form up for the re-supply hike. The ammunition re-supply is a four-mile hike where recruits carry 40mm ammunition cans filled with dirt simulating the weight of the rounds.The entire company MORE

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